Friday, June 25, 2010


Everybody loves sex. 
Seeing sex, thinking about sex, reading about sex. 
...having sex. 
and i love writing about it. 
i like talking about sex, 

I can rant about sex, music and love, people, and other random hatreds. 
allll day long but look.

I'm an onion! 
Me and Shrek are kinda like brothers u know... 
we both have that whole "ogres have layers" thing i got going on. 

While i may look like your typical 
darkskinned, HBCU going, average looking, glasses wearing, weird girl... 
but i am sooo much more than that 
*crosses fingers*

 i decided to cut this muh fuckin onion. 
this is my first attempt at letting the world know who i really am, 
get ready to hold your nose and wipe them eyes. 

Remember when Facebook decided to corrupt people with that whole 25 random things thing.
here i go.

 once again Introducing. Adrian.

1.) Im only doing 15 of these. I like 15. and my favorite number is 8... so it only seems right. 

2.) The highlight of my day is usually when I get a text message, or when someone retweets me, or reads my blog!. 

3.) I purchased my first pair of sneakers about a year ago, and I work at Finishline... "sneakerologist"  =/

4.) J.Cole is going to be my favorite rapper once Jay-Z decides to retire. I love Jay-Z. 

5.) Speaking of Jay-Z, I want to marry his wife, I believe together the rule the world simultaneously with Bill Gates        and Oprah.

6.) Ive watched the Young and the Restless almost everyday for about 3 years. 

7.) My mom is the hardest working woman in the world... behind Oprah of course

8.) Titanic is my favorite movie, i know all the words, and one day as fucked up as it may see, I want to be in a relationship JUST like Jack and Rose. 

9) I cry about the most insignificant things, before college I probably cried everyday #dontjudgeme. 

10.) My friends are the best thing that every happened to me, Jeff has been my best one since 10th grade,

11.) I'm probably more afraid of white people than I am of snakes. 

12.) I;m in the Air Force because I am too lazy to write up a real resume, and go on job interviews. 

13.) My biggest fear: To grow up and hate my life, and to be in bed by 9 o clock. 

14.) I like it when people tell me i have a big butt. I feel a sense of pride knowing I grew that. 

15.) Light skin people seriously do get on my nerves, 

16.) I'm gonna keep doing these until Ive had enough. 

17.) Im pretty close-minded when it comes to the music I listen to, I download lots of stuff on my iTunes. Ive still yet to sit sown and listen to "Burrprint 3" 

18.) I'm pretty cheap. even though I used to have lots of money before i spend it on food. 

19.) I weigh 156. One day ill weigh 152 and ill be happy

20.) I think of you probably more than you think of me... and I cyberstalk everybody =) 

21.) I believe that God has something so amazing planned out for my when I turn 26. 

22.) I probably look at porn just as much as a 13 year old World of Warcraft master. 

23.) I used to walk pigeon toed so my thighs wouldn't rub together.... now i think im stuck. 

24.) I never get mad. Life motto: Win some ya lose some. 
25.) I ultimatley "just wanna be succesful" and leave a legacy on this here Earth when I die. Drake btw, your mom is a MILF and congrats on you 1st week sales. 


I Love You All 


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