Friday, May 21, 2010 big papa

aye girl!
wat yo name is...

Its been about 2 weeks since ive been home
and im about to #killmyself

...a typical day in the life of Addy.
-- 7:19 wake up drive kid sister to school
-- 7:40 check facebook/ watch 5 min of a movie
-- 8:00 slumber.
-- 12:00 wake up
-- 1:00 watch young and the restless.
-- 2:00-5:00 wait for 5 o clock to get here
-- 5:15 pick up kid sister.
-- 6:00-2:00 bullshit

*sigh* eventful yess
i know =/

but i think i found the solution to my boring life.
...i got a job!
yes i am employed. but!
i shall not reveal my employer until my first day on the job.
im so happy.

but heres the thing...
ive never had a real job before.
although Photo Fever was great.
i didnt get a check... no taxes blah blah.
and btw! they still owe me $1.25
but like i was saying...
i dont know how well ill do with this whole
... be responsibile and come to work on time. thing
... listen to your boss and do your job right. thing
... dont update your twitter or bbm juliet or text the bait. thing
well see tho.
if i get fired i wont tell you guys.
but! lets be optimistic

oh oh! and before i forget
#Cnectd is the new black you guys.
so if you have a Crackberry, iphone, or Droid doesnt.
add me on there, search:
well have sooo much fun
discussing our day.
or other cool exclusive things that are impossible to do with
you know regular text messaging

oh and go play that gay game of Pacman on google
if your bored and jobless just like me...
or your jobles and a failure
like ill probably be


and #RIP IV
Older men declare the war. But it is the youth that must fight and die...

I Love You All

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