Monday, May 24, 2010

waken && dranken...

u know. cuz i dont smoke.
...i swear ill keep saying it.
its my life motto.

ill try to do this blogging thing more often now.
"sometimes well and sometimes its... #great"

especially since my life doesnt consist of shit...
today was fun tho yall!
i downloaded hella music today.
man i cant wait for these summer album drops...
#RocNAtion / #YM
and the movie drops too.
lord knows Andys a little bit too old for those talking toys...
but im excited.
i thought Shrek died along time ago...
and I guess there was too much sex in that city.
sooo they had to hump in the desert??
im so excited!

we all have embarrassing things that we love to do...
like picking boogers and eating them.
or peeing in the shower...
not taking showers if your not going anywhere.
not wearin draws with your favorite pair of jeans =/
etc etc

anybody that knows me...
knows that one of my favorite lines are
...but i wonder how many people listen
i know im judged.
especially when i share my views on sex/relationships.
i find it kind of odd tho...

why say "dont judge me..."
if your not judging yourself in the first place.
you know picking boogers is kinda odd.
yet you do it.
and expect people to forgo your nastyassness and still shake your hand...
when i wake up from a drunken night.
i know i said/did some reckless ass shit.
and even though i was intoxicated...
i did it.
and i still want people to nodd and still pass the bottle at the next party...

maybe we should take this into consideration next time we say
and either 1 know your doing something you yourself arent proud off.
stop giving a fuck what people think.
and know your doing what you want.
because you want to... and not for somebodies dis/approval


im sure youll land just fine
i promise i wont judge you =]

I Love You All

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