Sunday, May 16, 2010


it seems like its been a long time coming u guys.
... i know you've missed me!

as you may have/probably not have noticed.
the-curiouscase looks a little different.
idk if i like it yet.
i feel kinda of plastic...
like that mom of of Mean Girls
u know... with the tough titties.
(*)(*) =/ lol

but... Im not here to talk about breast!
i just wanna say hey.
and to tell you how shits hangin.

...long and strong. =D

Im home now guys.
bored as a newborn baby in a pit of water bottles?
jobless. baitless. and broke... i have friends tho!
and double cheeseburgers.
we always have fun together.

I feel like im rambling...
so many things are going through my mind.
I have job interviews at Finishline and Hollister.
-and ill prolly get neither job.

Alicia Keys- Unthinkable comes on every 2 seconds.
it follows me...
its like life just wants me to be sad and happy at the same time.
..u know cuz the songs so darn beautiful... but!
love is a dirty ugly thing!
i miss you tho.

ohhh and ushers a little freak...and ludacris and those darn Macys balloons
-_- smh

someeday ill be cool
...but like a non cool. cool thing
like a chocalate covered raisins.
or... toe socks


express your inner Toe Socks!

I Love You All

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