Friday, April 30, 2010


My freshman year at this black ass school is official

..."but its far from over"

I went from excited as shit to come. anxious as shit to leave.
From ridin on the bus. drivin in cars.
From being a freshman. being a sophomore.

*cue violins and fat lady singing* I sit and reflect about this past year.
and the friends, knowledge...pounds
that ive gained.
I kinda dont wanna leave.

ill sorta miss a&t
especially the new starbucks. =]
...maybe not the cafe so much but oh!
how ill miss those turkey burger and fried chicken fridays =[
the gym jams.
druken nights and ...pillow fights? =]
riverwalk. city?
my wolfpack.
my chris marc ojay!
my sexy VA aggie daddys. dirty south "trapstars" lol
the cheerleaders.

I realized that ive had the best freshman year anybody can ask for.
no drama.
no cops.
no dies.
no pregnant. lls.
no problems shawty.

I came in as a snotty nose freshman.
with braids and some AE flip flops.
and my bootcut holey jeans =]


now look.
im AdDy...
Globaly recognized and locally respected.
member of the #wolfpack.


&& for the freshmeat of next year.
im coming to get all you little boys.

I Love you all.

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  1. In a weird way dis is hott shit...even doe you did not put us in it :(