Monday, March 8, 2010


its been 8 days.
and i can still smell the fresh paint...

8 days since i won those tickets. and got a chance to finally see
the love of my life. father of my child. etc etc.

Greensboro Coliseum 7pm.
seat way in the back... but it aint matter moe.
i still felt like it was jst us in a room...
i dont think ive seen anything so beautiful.
whites blacks. old young. ghetto a lil bit ghetto.
all throwin up the "roc"
white girls rockin black yankee fitteds.
grandmas draped in all black everything.
a fuckin movement!


--When Jay first came out when everybody tought it was jeezy
-- When he did every song
-- When J cole came out =)

-- When Bridgette Kelly came out and everybody thought it was Alicia. =/
-- When he performed Heart of the City. && Can i live.

Everything really was the shit.
he brought tears to my eyes the whole time. =]

even Trey Songz bald fine self had my screaming.
he dropped the panties. and #hov went to work.
just like i like it.

&& last but not least.
he is the best rapper.
dead. alive.
ion care. =]


I Love you All
--Addy {Carter}

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