Sunday, March 21, 2010

Canada Dry.

There are some things you do.
and some things you dont do.

Getting really drunk.
passing out.
getting escorted by the EMS.
Throwing up all over cheerleaders.
doing other bad things you cant remember.
and then waking up with a head banging hangover.

...are things you dont do.

if you happene to be found in a situation as stated up there^
be sure you have great friends.
that would find you. and tell the cops your 21.
and carry you to the room
clean up your puke.
and can tolerate your low alcohol tolerance.

all those cool things didnt happen to me =)


...he got hadokened =D

Va Aggies.
and the Zeinsterrr
or anybody else

my blog has been empty.
my camera has been dead.
-but thats all changing.
dont you worry.

big Shits Poppin. get ready

I love you all

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