Friday, February 26, 2010

Drunken nights. && Groupie fights

i know i know...
it been a while since i came on here to ramble sweet randomness in your ear
but here i am 12:00
sitting at my desk-- a rather junky desk.
&& junky being a rather large mitigation...

i just began to think as i surfed the net.
finding random blogs, twitter pages, facebook albums, porn... =/
etc etc...

and it got me thinking...
people dont realize how great there lives are
you know.

i dont know why...
but people always seem to find the sucky stuff in life and stick with it...
and it grinds my Fucking Gears.

its not a relationship if somebody dont get shot!
gets hung up on.
gets there tires slashed.
...or Rihanna whooped
or gets "the clap"

its no fun having fun.
until drama gets added into the recipe.
*cue theme music for midday soaps*

i just think everybody who complains about dumb shit.
and cant bare to be happy.
should go and kick these here things...


cuz i know some people who could use a tiny bit of happyness in there lives.
like.... hmmmmm
people in Haiti.
poor people.
ugly people...
dumb people.
people who dont have any followers on twitter
people who dont have friends.
people who have too many friends...
people who wish they had you... instead of your current significant other.
people who cant get an erection.
people who have huge balls and a tiny penis.
people that have to be hookers.
... people who really want a bf/gf and cant find one.
people who got dropped a lot as a child.
people with incurable body odor.
fat people... that dont know there fat soo0 they wear little clothes...
people that dont read my blog.
people that have to live in Cooper next year...
people that don't realize that their happiness shouldnt be determined by another person...
i defiantly could go on for years
but. u get the point.

alls im sayin is.
be happy with the hand ur dealt.
the way u look.
act... feel...
who you are.

and never be afria to just Be Happy
and be thankful for your life.
and always always look for the silver lining in the dark clouds.



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