Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When old people attack. *cue Pokemon theme song*

I really enjoy my random titles.
... that have absolutely nothing to do with wat im talking about.
and u love it too =]

these past coupla days have been great here at the "T"
bitches is out w/ no clothes.
and the bait is swarmin.

i just wish i wasn't as strange at times.
... i scare people.
i scare myself.
but thats neither here nor there.
... ill be fucking strange till the day i die.
and even then ill be freaking weird.

Ive come to conclude that theres a little bit of...
in all of us.

The baddest "jank"
is often times the craziest motherfucker of them all
... shes the one who'll Jasmine Sullivan your ass.
make really bad jokes. and make you laugh.

The sexiest nigga.
is more than likely really fuckin weird.
... he probably like to watch soap operas.
or Dr.Phil

we all have a bit of strange.
some just more than others.
some just have a really great "im cool mask"
...some like myself.
wear their weirdness on there sleeves.
of their face for that matter.

My friends may look fuckin cool.
but there all like me.
&& im the least strange.. believe it or not

My favorite movie is Titanic.
... and im watchin it right now.
Ive only really liked maybe 2 boys in my whole life.
... and Im pretty sure they're oblivious to that fact.
(even though i try pretty darn hard to let him know... =| )
I eat fruit snacks when im not hungry
... I fall/trip/stumble when i see boys.
.. and i act even more strange when i meet new people.
...i smile - alot.
i mostly attracted to tall weird looking boys.
i love basketball.
i name every peice of machinery i own.
ie. Gustav, My car....
and Simba. my new Phone


peep. the Kaws. =]

I Love You All

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