Monday, January 4, 2010

.. && the winner is

i remember this like it was yesterday.
&& shame on me for laughin at his ass
.. u kno when he said he wanted to be a rapper and shit.

now look!
little aubrey smugglin chocolate to grammy
hes fuckin drake. gettin grammys and shit.

and i just had an epiphany while watchin this shit.
i could never grasp why
why o why did this dude blow up
faster than erkels --laura blow up doll

and i get it!
i do
hes so relatable.
hes not uber sexy. like trey songz
...therefore average bitches think they have a chance.
he doesnt have harvard like lyrics like lupe. avergae niggas understand
hre doesnt seel drugs or spit ignorance ie gucci and waka
...therefore the average person can relate.

this nigga is just trynna put out music.
good ass music.
catchy ass music.
by himself dont need young money ass music.

hes like easy listening.
for hip hop.
i applaud drake and everything he stands for
being able to stick out like a sore ass thumb.
in the midst of fake ass hip hop artist...
&& for him being able to stick it to the man
and did this shit his way.

&& for that reason.

i give Aubrey 'drake' Graham
aka drizzy
bka. this beautiful humble ass nigga
rookie if the year for 2009
congrats biotcchh...

*please hold ur applaudsss*

oh ohh
and two more awards,

ok so drake has the whole rookie thing.
but it was kinda tuff to pick
the runners up were of course
. dmv's own @WALE
&&&&&& J.COle

to j cole....

j cole is kinda like the 8th grade recruit.
like the dope ass 8th grader that everybody doesnt know about really yet.
and he already gotta spot on the team with the coach,
u know.

and his freshman year.... this little nigga startin.
making all the seniors jealous and shit.

if you understand...

but. waleeee
i give the mj award.
.... no not the jackson
the jordan.

the player who got cut like shit.
cuz nobody gave hima chance.

this nigga never got radio play
now look.
this niggas settin records at UNC.
puttim the dmv on the map

and now this nigga done created his own brand
nike check and shit.

his own style of music.
now watch.
eff mike
all the niggas gonna wanna be like wale.

...ok im done rappin
"no pun"
shits real

I love you all

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