Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Twitter sucks this week.

only because i don't feel cool tweeting anymore.

i dont feel like participating in your number symbolled fun.
fuck your numbers symbols!

i never have anything pithy to say.
never anything to relate to anything cool
... i cant talk about people.
telling them why we cant date.

whatever happened to trending topics about.
those random middle eastern places.
tv shows.

I guess i kinda know how you sneakerheads feel now.
or you ungerground music people.

everything is always trendy
always something fun and new to do...
and then its ruined.

im sad.

like remeber when there where a slew of blogs.

or when people found a mixtape. or so.
and now. "music is my blood"
type shit.

I dont kno.
cuz i too have been a whore to trends.

i gotta myspace. cuz cool kids had them .
i got a blog cuz i found cool ones.
...i bought my first cool sneakers. like in august
and the first real album i listened to was the carter 2

but ill be proud to say.
i dont proclaim to be something im not.
me no #blogspert. or #musicologist. no #tweethead or a #solecollector. just Addy.

the random girl
who does random things.
no trending topics.
no retweets.
just 140 characters to do as i please.
to say what i want whats on my mind.

oh && omg you guys.
congrats to everybody that got the 11's.
you guys did good.
good shoe. good shoe
...i still await fo my confirmation email that will never come.

but hey! i do have #threewordsforyou
fuck that shiiiiit.

&& hey!

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I Love You All