Sunday, January 31, 2010

4 "NIG's" and a girl.

yea yea yea.
its been a while.
&& i know you've missed me.
but. i'm back bitches!
with hot shit.

as none of you probably know...
me and the "wolfpack" *pictured below.*
took a trip to fayett-nam in a full fledged search for J.cole and lace wigs!


we didnt find j.cole.

but i did find this really cool thing i wanna show u guys.
...well i didnt really just find them.
i just figured i finally found something cool to blog about soooo.

I figured today would be perfect to start a cool new segment on The-curiouscase
so. without further ado.

introduciiinnnnnng....*cues drum roll.*

Naturally from Joshua Bryant on Vimeo.

so u maybe like.
hmm. NIG.
...wats NIG? it short for nigga.
who r these guys??
etc etc.

&& ill answer some of your * curiosities*
cuz i only know a few of the answers.
youll have to go to their page!
---go to their page!
&& show love.

NIG = Naturally & Intellectually Gifted

who r these guys.
5 BFF's from Fayetville:; Smooth; J.Type; Slim && Juno

=] how cute.

ummm. but yea.
These guys have this up and coming clothing line/lifestyle thats pretty darn dope.
..if you ask me.
&& i just wanted to share it.
so yea...
go to there page!
go go!
they have a youTube thingy too
so go there

feedback would be appreciated.
and yea. i think #imdone.

ohhh but b4 i go.
as u kno... i love funny.
these guys are fuckin funny.
#watch && #enjoy

N.I.G - DANCE MIX from Joshua Bryant on Vimeo.

ok. so0o0o
remember... u heard it here first

I love you all



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