Wednesday, November 18, 2009


imma freshman right?
damn right i am...

and freshman run this shit.
at A&t... and in the effin hip hop game...
shit just happens like that.

but uh.
SONGz of the DAy
are brought to you by the fliest effing freshman.
my favorite at least.
J.Cole. Wale. Drake. && i guess i can through some cudder up in there

so first up.
Simba. growlll

this shit is my fav for him right now...
well this morning atleast =]

next! waleeeee aye!

this shit! owwww
watch ull be singin this shit all day.
given me shivers yo.
who the fuck could get away with rippin a song about eating disorders
damn . mmm.

aight. next up. my man JImmy where ur wheelchair at bruh.?

drake + phonte = the shit.
i eff with drake new//drake old drake.
watever! he goes. point blank
but tell me this shit isnt just too smooth.

Cudder UP next. all solo dolo and shit. =]

have u ever just listened to this nigga when u was alone... in the dark
dont! u will fuckin cry. hard as shit.
this shit is my fav on the album.
its my damn ringtone ha!

ahhh i guess i through sum khalifa in it to close? =]

no words. needed...
this nigga. ha.
this shit... goes. lls.

fuck with these freshmeats!
yall old head need to step the hell up...

but hey.
i dont kno who said hip hop is dead.
but there fuckin old as shit.

I love you all...sorta

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  1. dont for get about Big Sean, Mike Posner, and Asher Roth