Wednesday, November 25, 2009

lol =[

who doesnt love home movies.
who doesnt love trey songz??
thats who.

he has the best fans.

this epic display of the serious crazy ass effect
that this one man has on nations of females.
white black gray. w.e
its crazzzy yo.
&& thats why its so beautiful.

its amazing how many people have no lives.
its amazing to know that you can probably relate to these guys...
doin ur sexy dance for trey.
if only there was a camera.

its like.
one day. he was regular old sexy singer guy.
&& then there was twitter,
hes fuckin trey songz.
aka. the shit.
aka. ur boyfriends messiah
cuz now he doesnt have to try so hard to get in ur pants!

all he has to do is play the first 8 seconds of ready
and padow.
"this right heres a panty droppaa".
and ur girl now drops them thangs and
imagines its now trey songz up in her
in stead of yo slum ass.

so .
this is my ode to trigga.
congrats my man.
thanks for all your "hard" work. pun intended.

and i blame u for the now reassuring
male tongue using

and for that.
we thank you!

now... all i need him to do is put out a sex tape.


yo what if he did really invent sex
if god was like.
let there be great sex.
*Enters trey songz shlong and all. *

father forgive me.

-- I love you all.

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