Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Black Face.

Goodmornin my friends
my foes.
my broes.
my hoes.

im here.
tired as shitakee mushrooms and such.
from my morning run and such...
thats right!
this nigga here got a fitness regimen and such
dammn right

wat brought me to my laptop. "arnold"
instead of my stiff ass bed.

was this super song.
by my fav effing rap group of all time...
sri Outkast
--ur 2nd ! thats still good.
&& quite possibly my fav song they did.
behing life of the party.

so0. im done rappin.
listen to them do that shit.

Song of the DAY.
Little Brother--- Watch Me. mp3

Watch Me - Little Brother

Phonte. will be in my dreams this morning.
his verse = Fye!

fuck wit it.
Fuck wit that nigga Phonte!
.... && big pooh.
fuck wit him too. =]


-------"Uhh, (whoo) ain't no need in gettin teary eyed
Tay's the illest, point blank period"
[illest effing line in 2007]

"This ain't a peace talk, so muhfucka save your sweet (suite) talk
For reservations at the Marriott"
[haha gett it. =]]

"They say birds of a feather often flock together
But me and Big Pooh rock together
And if not forever
I'mma reach to the sky, and keep flyin' high like we got propellers"

"And if God propel us to the top, I won't go pop (pop)
No need to act a fool in public
'Cause when you, ego trip you just lose your luggage and well...

"That's reality, so color me purple
My name in history, nigga that's what I work for
Better keep it moving like the laws of inertia"

--basically all of that shit.
Minstrel Show on the shuffle todayyy.

I love Phonte.

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