Thursday, August 6, 2009

Roll Bounnce!

aye aye.

and the countdown is official
one week left. b4 i leave the nest...
the hood.
my crib.
i get to leave the little circle in the middle of the skating rink
and i get to skate by the wall!
im skating backwards twiggas!
call me sweetness.

so0o as im writing this i am watchin roll bounce
i miss this movie.
its so cool.

but uh
i came here to spit some serious game.

well today i did something kinda bad.
and i thought...
to myself.
about how i cant do bad things like this in college.
i cant
or toris' mom
is gonna be angry.
and thats not good.

-i apologize for my digressions-
but seriously stay tru.
to yo self.

dont do stuff to impress people.
and dont think everybody supposed to like u.
i like u!
and thats all that matters.
i think...

but ugh. i hate this whole transition thing
i just got friends!

now their all gone!

has everybody finished dorm shopping.

i have! =P
and. oh.
i get contacts saturday?
and im going to MAC to buy my first palette and brush!
oh im so excited

and for those of you who didnt already kno.
im so0o serious about becoming a girl.

it seems fun.
i mean hey.
im still gonna wear my flip flops and chucks.

but i figure it was tie for me to do a tad bit growin up.
cuz i think i look the same as i did in 2nd grade.
i want new stuff!

er. next step is buying heels

ohh. and one more thought b4 i go.
so you think you can dance finale came on tonight!
i would have been happy no matter who won really.
i had so much fun this season.
i cried so much this season.

im not gonna bore you with another video.
but i just wanna say.
live your dreams.

i wanna dance.
but i cant. well at least not professionally
im fat. and my knees are quite bad. lol
but i like to watch it. alot.

i used to dream every night
i used to dream id dance in paris.
now that thats out of the window.
...i dont think i can dream anymore.

this guy.
he rocks


I love you all!


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