Monday, August 10, 2009

last train to paris.

i wonder if thts gonna be a good cd.

so0o heyyy!

its officially my last day in MARYLAND
A&T here i come!!!!!

but im sad.
im not so sure if i wanna go to college.
sike naw
...but really.
im getting
er? cold feet.

its weird!
cuz last night i stayed up until like 4.
packing and cleaning.
it was super exciting...
but i was getting all sad and stuff.

'oh this is the last time ill do this...
or the last time ill sleep in my bed'
and all that wack stuff.
like i was dying or something.
ohh dear.

just pray for me.
pray for us all.
cuz i heard college was hard...

okay so
i just wanna say how much im gonna miss u guys!
thats how much...
well im pretty sure those of u i like.
ill still pop chat u on facebook.
and im pretty sure ill text my good friends
and skype the hotties!

oh oh!
my skype name is
u guessed it...


shocker eh?

and follow me on twitter hoes!

umm so0o0o yea...
ill miss alot of u guys.
and u better miss me too!

i have some brief announcements.
eh hem
'goooooooood morning oxon hill clippers...'

welp... if u havent noticed my blog is
just... random squared.
hey! thats cool and all
im goin to college. and organization is cool there.
wat im doing is fixin it...
operation method2DAmadness is in effect.

i wanna have some sort of structure u kno...
ive decided that once a week ill do a Vlog---
videolog for all you geniuses.
and ill try to blog about things more serious.
more often.
but my random blogness will still be around u guys i promise.
just better.

so0o0o if anybody has any suggestions. about u kno...
wats on ur mind. topics u want me to discuss
how u like/hate my blog...
tell me! so0o i can tell u whats on my mind

wendy williams-- "how you doowhenn"

alrighty friends?

i think im gonna have a photo shoot with gustav today...
ill miss him the most!

ill miss everything for real.
my mom.
ill miss her so much.
my moms is vicious B
i hope u guys miss your moms.
two weeks ago i was like eff this
im ready to leave.

but ive realized how important parents are...
how and why they do what they do...
and irk our nerves.
its cuz they love usss!
and we love them
deep down =]

okay! last thing
wear condoms everyone!
their cool!
please dont get creepy crawlies
in ur special parts.
no seriously.
be safe out there.

oh oh!
and dont be a whore!
ur going to college to read books...
and cuz THE MAN is a douche bag.

comment if you read this!
and ill kno if u dont!

...i love you all.

1 comment:

  1. A&T is def gonna be the ishhh.
    I'm going to NC too.
    But the uper country part.
    && of course hindsight is a btch about the whole parents thing && whatnot.
    I leave tomorrow so I'm feeling the same thing.