Monday, August 3, 2009

white people cant dance. or eat wings good

hello friends.

im supposed to be writing some ..


paper for college


but um mm i am
so0o u can kinda guess how thats going.

i dont remember whether or not i was happy in my last post
sorry if im gettin sappy and shit.

but arg...
this week
i am not a happy camper.
.... i think a bear abducted the campsite
yes a bear
eff them thangs.

but oh today i dont really have a purpose.
i just thought id say hello!

u kno how people say

PEOPLE: oh hello! how r u?

do u really answer forreal.
or is the universal phrase...
"im fine" or "pretty good"

i think so.
eff that!
imm say "im peachy nigga...wat about chu?"
or if im sad a simple "fuck yo couch"
will suffice
shalln't it
or i might just say "good"

this seems pointless but ill continue with

Random brain things from ADrian?

...thats gonna be my show.

u kno wat speaking of shows.
what if i got my own vh1
ghetto dating show.
it be great.
love aint comin without executive producers and shit
i feel like flava flav right now...
i want a crazy ass New York
to cry and do shit for me.

well ok

hey me and Molly took Yoga this morning
it was "thee shit"
and we met lots of nice flexible old ladies.
are wat i refer to them as.
great times great times.
shes leaving me soon.

oh and i went to ruby tuesday's with grimace....
(thats my dad)
i had fun!
i had the 3rd best wings ever
after hooters and red robin.
thanks beowulf

and oh oh!
the color purple was nice to.
i watched it with the doc.
if ur wise u saw that movie
and rent
and titanic
and forrest gump

if not ur stupid.

mute it... its funnier.

just cuz its random day?

i love you all.

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