Sunday, August 16, 2009

community bathrooms[]

okayyy... so0oo0o
this is the blog i was supposed to write the night before 1st day of class.

i wish we take a trip in the Delorean
maybe next time

so0o here i am,
an official college freshman
cabbage patch was the dance of the day.

lets hit the play by play...

12.30 last night
...nervous as a chicken in kentucky
didnt kno what to wear =fml.

wake up 7:50 class starts @9
checked facebook.
twittered for a tad.


umm end up leaving the room 8:45
no breakfast for me!


1st class
intro comp. programming...
ummm. my teacher's quite the shrew.
and i like it!

2nd class.
i dont quite remember...
ah! hot white guy class
*cabbage patch*
im gonna love that class!

--------wait wait wait!
those of u that know me.
i used to have a nicethick "booty"
up in MD
down here?
nuh uh uh!
these thick girls down HERE each my tiny bottom for breakfast.
-- i feel so deprived.

the nigga teachin design & ethics
i hate this class.
he makes my contacts dry out.
i hate it.
i hate him!

4th clase'
calc calc!
oh ming shing!
shes so kind.
she lets people play psp's
i hope she teaches me things.
id appreciate it
i would.

and lastly
critical writing!
i have a PILF
use ur noggin
enough said.

all in all
i had a great first day.
i have friends i like.
it was so0o hard making friends that i liked
i hate people sometimes.
my gears they do grind
im done meeting new potential close friends.
oh except for our becky.
we got
the light skin chick
the dark skin chick
and drea! shes just... great!
and we love her =]
now all we need is sasha feirce!

enough of the play by play on to the trill stuff

man i love my dorm!
its so great.
ill show u guys tht tomorrow!

college is great
asher couldnt said it better himself.

and a&T!
man o man

bait Haven!
tall ones ugly ones.
just my type.

soo0o beautiful
great campus is all i say.
party party party!

but study 2.

'ill come back tomorrow with great stuff!
i promise!
i just had an itching to case today
...i scratched it

i<3 college. Photobucket

life would suck if i went to howard.

i love you all.

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