Thursday, July 9, 2009

...Say Whats Real =/

I've been feelin kinda different.
carelessness has just become apart of my DNA
A goth or something cool like that.

For instance.
I have no problem going the whole day without unwrapping my hair
I dont think I can remember the last time
... I cleaned my room.
or cared whether or not my butt looked big in my jeans. =]
or cared whether or not the bun joint called me...

Its kinda hard to beleve that I spent years and years caring
or obsessing for that matter
... over stuff that people don't give a gosh darn about.

Eff it.
Eff it all.

I guess from now.
Hopefully Spring 2013!!!!
I'll be doing some serious notcaringaboutshitexceptformygradesandshit-age
and I'll have a gosh darn great time doing it.

seriously though.
How much time do we spend
Over boys and shit. (or girls for that matter if ur into that kinda thing)
Or Love??
The clothes,hair,nails,makeup,time,money,fakeness...
and all that jazz

Im pretty sure o boy could give a rats ass whether or not u get gel.or.acrylic
...just paint them shits.

And dudes
we know you stayed up all night
brushing them sportin waves
shining them busted ass Air forces.

Thats what we are!
There goes the MAN again
slapping niggas in the face with his cock again....
LOL-ing like hes watchin effin youtube.
Watching little stacey cry because jack cheated on her.
or. Rofl-ing as Timmy tried to act cool as he waits 3 days to text Suzy.

I'll tell you like i told you all before.
Live your Life for you!
not for Jack. not for Suzy.
but for yo dumbass

i just realized this yesterday after i finished
seeing a man about a.... cock. =/
sex is great.
but. it seriously isn't that serious.
dont believe the hype!
.. i mean
be you.
pussy will come to u!
dont chase it.
dont let it take over ur life and shit.
condoms aint cheap?

...but seriously.
all this stuff.
is not that serious!
and from the past coupla weeks we all kinda know
first hand...
life is too short to focus on the bull shit.
bull shit really grinds my gears

so i think im done for today rappage.
i just wanna share the realest shit i seen all day.
now u guys all know my strong love for dance ...

This shit makes my eyes get wet.

go to!!


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