Monday, July 13, 2009


"I'm tired of being fucked too hard, and extra tired of guys thinking that my pain and discomfort is indicative of them having a too big, too wide, too strong, won't FIT dick."
--: The best writer EVER.

baccck to your reguarly scheduled program....

ok so0o
real talk
im tired of people doing thee absolute most.

ok so0o the excerpt up there.
tru ass talk.
lol. check and make sure ur girls still alive.
thats shes getting wet cuz she wants to
not by default
and that u kno wat ur doing with it big or small.
punish the vag.
dont blow it up with ur
Pew-36 Explosive Space Modulator.
dudes first.

y is it that u feel like idk...
your way is the best way.
like ur dumbass is the say all tell all.
eff that!

ummm---ur dicks not that big.
u cant back that shit up.

okay for instance i log on to gogo central.
and i was having so much fun.
posting shit and downloading shit.
and here come
some wattheefuck boys

"aye wassup wit that buttbutt."
smh @thewattheefuck boy

okay and
ladies dont u just hate when the hotties gotta chip on they shoulder.
when they kno.
ayee.immm the shit.
soo0o... eff u.

"dont gas they heads up"
says some smart person i kno.

and pleaseee dont!
ugh its the worst.

im so0o sad.
especially if u not the shit.
cuz if u was... u damn sure would be on gogo central...
save that shit for facebook.

umm. so0o i feel as though im rappin.
but eh

anyways to those females.
those girls who dont arent the shit.
who look into some magic mirror.
and swear they are.
cuz there loud.

dont gas these ladies heads up...
theyll treat u like shit.
i promise.

rappin on myspace.
five year olds.
ready to give u a good time...
but only on the computer
them girls.

i hope there having fun those guys...
i hope
wattheefuck gogo central boy
and sexximami69 myspace girl
eff each other

Know your rank,
please please dont overstep ur boundaries
and please please
stop gassin peoples heads
im tired of them thinkin the kanye,
ur not.
ur not like Pinky bitch!
trust me

ur ass walk like that cuz.... ur trynna back it up.
but u failed.

oh oh oh!
u kno wat really grinds my gears.
when people just put there sexy bodys on facebook
no faces

its like oooohhh sexy bodyy
mm. mm. good.
ugh face.
ohhh =/


idk. ill prolly delete this.
its just a rant of mine. smh

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