Monday, July 20, 2009

my voluntary release of ignorance

u guys

its seems as tho
i've been giving all this advice,
and shit
oprah/dr.phil hacked my computer!
.. im convinced she/he is the same person...
Oprah transforms!

so0o0o im gonna talk about ME today!
u selfish bastards!

so0o this weekend...
i belive my days at 'the fever' are lost
relinquished due to...
the muthafuckin man!
eff that guy...
i mean...
so0o wat!
a photo joint dont got a printer...
who cares if the lights broke... and the zoom isnt the best.
must we be so picky...

obliviously you do... cuz no one goes there anymore.
and Now photo fever has no more money to pay me!
they still owe me two dollars!
oh well
eff Photo Fever!
eff em!

ill just stay poor for the rest of my non college days

alright so0o there goes the sad stuff.
on a lighter note!
i saw my awesome friends this weekend...
cruised around wit my nigs.
picked up a coupla hoes.

and i went to Famous Daves for the first time!


I hate Famous Daves!
they suck
and they like to kill pigs...
i like pigs

oinky oink

Ihop, Famous Dave's, Five Guys, and Yoga!
that sums up my great weekend in a nutshell

ohh and b4 i go!
i love yoga now!
it makes me feel all zen and shit...
and i make the old ladies jealous
cuz they cant move like ME!

dammmmmmn righhhtt!

ikno im cool!
i think i want be a girl sometimes

i think i want to own a pair of heels...
and carry a make up bag...
and wear cool earrings!

i can only dream

u get to do watever u want in college!
wooo hoo!

i love you all

- Addy

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