Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chomp Chomp Chomp

im back to not talking about me!


this is kind of an impromptu thing...
sorta like all my other blogs.
but eh.

i was on the bad as hip hop gangsta formum today.
and there was this topic
Jay-z vs. Biggie.
im not gonna tell u my personal opinion
*cough*sept 11th*cough*

buttt. boy did that really grind my gears.
and probably not for the reasons it should've

i mean
i think it was this one guy... well call him "thug nasty"
welp 'thug nasty'
brings up the whole lame ass swagger jacker. thing
blah blah
and says
thug nasty:
yall serious,pickn jayz over biggie..
yall must not kno bout music,cuz jayz all he do to make hits is bite off biggies rhymes
true fact its been proven
hands down biggie
yup jay-z is a swagger jacker
only person u can compare to biggie is 2pac
will that my opinion

and i had the stuck face for a while.

not only because hes wackk.
but because.
hes stupid.

and applied his stupidty in music.
to life.

like damn.
obama vs. mlk.
or effin
barbra walters vs. wendy williams
or even even!
dial up vs. ipod 3g browser.

its pointless to compare.

but its clear that people predecessors
have a major influence on how they effing act.

i mean . F!
i want to be better than my mom
but i act just like that woman.

and its clear because since we live in a better day and age now.
we cant compare the past.

cuz back then
dial up was the shit.
back then afros was the shit.
coogi sweaters was the shit.

but to say hey ur being a copy cat!
cuz we want to enhance the past.
we want faster internet.
blame us for wanting to download music/porn easier
but seriously.

i feel like
we wouldnt be where we are today
if it werent for who came before us.

and i feel as tho it is our mutha fuckin duty.
to give props to our past.
to keep on bitin there 'ryhmes'
and be the follwers to the great LEADers!

and go watch Notorious.
and go to FYE on Sept. 11th

oh and back to talking about me....
i learned how to do this today.

the voice and everything
i cant wait!

i Love you ALL


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