Thursday, July 16, 2009

My face dont work right?

heyy you guyss!

that was my homie j cole up there
check him out on hovas tour.
drake ily...but eat your heart

welll anyy who
this niggas spoke some... do u say
tru ass stuff.

first things first.
i want everybody to get they ass up
look in the mufriggin mirror
and say
Everybody: "Hey"
and start getting to kno urself.

I say that shit..
cuz alotta times.
nobody knows themselves
and who the really are... or supposedd to be.
and now's the time... i think?
to at least start.
getting to kno the person you have to be with evrey subsecond of your life

welp enough with the sentimental crappp.

aight so0o
the topic of this here thing
is love yourself...
give urself a hug!!!!!

so0o u might not be muhfuckin gorgeous right?
people might not comment on ur pics sayin
people: omg. ur so0o0o0o00o0o pretty

too bad...

u may not have that DONK!
or those tig ole bitties
dudes might not be like
dudes: shawtay you thick/phat ass shit.


u might not be fresh as shit.
rockin the cool as nobodyelsegotthese shoes
ladies might not be hanging off the tip like
tip hanging ladies: ohhh u got so much swag papa

tuff shit?

or last thing....
u might be a little thick.
u mayy not fit it a fuckin size 4
u might not have tiny little thighs and shit...
and u may not be able to put on knee boots cuz the zipper wot zip

suck that shit up?

wtf u gonna do about it.
wtf CAN u do about it.....
so0o live like u got the prettiest mufrikin face
phatest booty. and the like u the freshest nigga out here.

trust me.
if god intended on u being fresh...
he woulda said
then out woulda popped u
butt uh.
maybe u popped out with the Frugal bunch
or the smartness

its okay to be who u are.
ugly people rule the world!
so do pretty niggas...

were all in this together.

and on the topic of beauty...
i seriously believe there is beauty in every single person out there...
one mans trash is anothers treasure.
...i always say

i mean look at jay and b.
shits beautiful.

as for weight isssues
more cushion
for that puuuuuushhin

s0o0 yea...
first u love urself
then you find somebody that will love you
thhhenn u guys can have "fun" hehehe
'loving' each other's
ugly no titty havin fat non.freshness

i guarentee ull have a good time

i love you all!

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