Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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hey hey hey!
it fattt albertttt!

but seriously hi u guys!
i got some serious stuff on my mind today.
not really 'serious' -_-
but serious! =]

welp first things first...
i leave for school in like two weeks =/
its kinda bitter sweet.
or like sweet and sour.

yep its sweet and sour.
sweet cuz i get to finally fly out of the nest
sour cuz i have to buy all this stuff to take with me
and clean up my room and shyt.
and sour cuz. as i try to flap the hell out.
i might fall straight on my ass.
or watever birds have....
that would suck
.... if i sucked at college u kno?

like wat if.
this college thing is unbearably difficult.
like what if my roomate tries to kill me....
or like my professor tries to 'feel me up'

id get an A thats wat!

no seriously.
i hope i dont get my ass handed to me.
i hope all of you guys do great and stuff!
were all gonna be on the deans list!
damn right!
... i guess we gotta just remember what were there for
and all that lame advice people give u.

doesnt it blooow u
when niggas who aint never step foot in college.
tell u wat to effing do...
the cashier at burger king telling you not to party.
ur crack head cousin saying 'dont let those boys taste those cookies'
shit like that.
eff u guys!

ne waysss
thats not even what i came to talk about...

well my mothers been slowly kicking me out of my house.
i think she wants me out by friday
...so0o today i was forced to clean the
duh duh duh!
CLoseT 0_0

man o man,
if i didnt gracously throw everything away!
every peice of embarrasing memory of the past.

in those there big black trash bags lies.
my parasuco's. filas. fubu gear. air forces.
k swiss....
mannn k swiss.
and oh so many more embarrasing fashion faux pas.
sad excuses for trends
sad sad sad....

literally tho...rip those things.

and that brings my to my last little 'thing'
wtfis going on with al these trends in the 09


those who kno me best...
they know i dont knock the hustle...
u kno soulja boy is cool.
and lebron is so darn hot.
i downloaded all the drake mixtapes....
and im going to get that blueprint 3.
and i damn sure follow tila tequila on twitter.
and uno= the shit.

buttt dayumm
we are some following mf. ers
trends trends trends
they kinda suck

too many kinda grinds my
i love my gears!

this whole
oprah free chicken giveaway
'everybody gets a blog!'
grinds the gears....

some of the people. dont need to share wats in there mind...
cuz there mind sucks.
and its dry.
but im not judging cuz whos to say my blog is meaning ful...

but ugh.
i refuse to follow every tom dick and hairy on here.
i have morals!

so0o basically the morall of all these random
non topic.ing
is that like
when we look back at the videos. on like
mtv jams or vh1 or throwback videos on 106

will we be like damn...
'wtf were we thinkin wear thos ball cupping jeans'
'wtf were we thinking going bald that one time'
u kno...
just like we shake our heads at the supafly leather we 'rocked in the 90s'

i wonder wat well see when we look at our past... u kno.
i hope asher was right...
i hope college rocks!

i love this guy!

and skype. its great.
stop asking what it is...
thats wat they made google for whores!

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