Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Inspire [two]

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek"

  Today was a good one, for more reasons than one. I'm continuing my inspirational series with a man who has touched each and everyone of us. Not like a creepy touch kinda way either, more of an enlightening touch, one of change and hope. He inspires me.

   Barrack Obama is the man, for lack of a better description of power. I felt so proud as I watched the President stand in front of a room full of political powers, socialites, and military officials. All fans of this one man, this one black man, if that even matters anymore. The race of of man no longer has any relevance in the race for presidency, all because this man ran, all because those before him preached and prayed and stood up for what they believe. Now we are living the dreams they believed as they tossed and turned through the night, even when people said it would never be. Now it is.

    Not only is this man running the world, seeing as how America, like it or not, is the illest shit on the planet; he has the perfect right hand. Not the queer Speaker of the House man who distracted me as he fiddled and looked dead to the right of Obama tonight, but that gorgeous lady in blue. Michelle Obama. she exudes so much of everything that it takes to create lady. Grace, to sum it all up, so much grace. Beauty is relative, and even though her beauty is undeniable and her style is impecable, and her doobie was popping. Grace is what bring it all together and set her apart from every other woman in that room.

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    I thank Obama for the change. This man was a regular nigga, just like you and I. He had family issues, student loans, forks in the road, but he kept pushing for what he wanted. He kept striving for the top. He worked hard as hell. Now he is the President. I dont think people who still make excuses dont know how big that shit is,  the President of the whole United States!  There is no excuse for you not to do whatever it is you want to do, that is only if you want to do it.  Race is another group we place ourselves in to hold us back, I relinquish the heavy baggage that comes along with carrying people that are not me. Because of him, we now have solid evidence that you dont need to set boundaries because you are born who you are.

I am my thoughts, not my beautiful dark color. I am my dreams, I am the future.
I dont want to be the prez, but I do intend on making a change. I plan on changing the whole world, the whole wide world.

God bless America

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