Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The power of faith is crazy.

Its crazy how powerful the brain is.


Crazy how bad things happen to people bad things happen to.
Good things happen to those who believe that good things will happen.

A wise, tiny korean woman opened my eyes today.
It all started with a quote.

"live everyday to the fullest, because tomorrow will only be a memory... "

From there I branched off. 
As I normally do...  
and I realized that my whole life.
I've been running away. 
running from rejection, 
love .

Running from happiness internally 
because I believed that good things should n' t
 happen to me. 

I really believed that I wasn't that talented. 
that I wasn't as good as the next guy. 
That nobody could possibly take my blog (or myself for that matter )

but what if. 
what if there is somebody who really listens to what I have to say, 
What if peoples lives really do change from reading this. 
or what if somebody is laughing at the jokes I thought so hard about. 

What if ?
I don't want to ask that question. 
No more. 
I'm just gonna do shit. 
You have to. 

I have to. 

so today. The eve of my 20th birthday. 
shall be a great one. 
The eve of the newest day of my life tomorrow. 
shall be fantastic. 
Just like all the days that come after. 

a beautiful thing. 
The bible says all you need is to have the faith the size of a mustard seed. 

Well I sow my faith pumpkin seed. 
This time next year I hope to have a big ass pumpkin. 

I believe that shit. 

I really do. 

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