Thursday, October 20, 2011

1+1= 4

Words can't possibly express how much I appreciate Beyonce'
She did such a fantastic job on that past one.
I'm not so sure what everybody else thinks about it.
but, the amount of emotion she gushes out of her voice...
the amount love dripping from the speakers.
the pure bliss I get every.
 I hear another quartet about the crazy thunder of love another person
 can have on a another person
Its beautiful to me.


Thanks Bey,
and I hope you and Jay can continue to have marvelous loves together.

I expected this post to be about something totally different,
along the lines of love but on a more personal level.

I suppose I shall settle for this foreign yet familiar topic of my emotions.
I realized today that my followers don't really know anything about me.

You know my views.
You know how I think every one/thing is stupid.
You know that I am Addy.

but you really dont know who Addy is.

Addy is me,
19 year old, lost soul.
student majoring in something I really dont care about.
dreaming of happiness outside of my mind,
to share with somebody else's content mind the same. say the least.
always the opposition,  never the answer.
The weird and the cowardly,  the bubbly and bright.
Love less.
living with anticipation. but paralyzed of its pain.
Open minded and free.
I am everything.
every emotion.

but never angry.
never wasting presents from crazy pasts that cant be changed.
just living live.
one .
day .
at a time.


blehhh. thatshitwasgay.
*scratching the record sound*
now back to the album.

I love you all.

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