Sunday, September 11, 2011


Forrest Gump came on today.
... such a great movie

Speaking of groovy flicks,
apparently Lion King is 3-Ding and shit,
talk about a great idea!
how much more epic will that stampede scene be.

Its kinda weird seeing how lion king came out, in 2 dimensions...
and we were perfectly fine with it, until we weren't.
like we took a step further, hypothetically.
Now were about to take Simba to a whole nuther muh fuggin level
yaaahh mean?

Its crazy.
As humans we have come such a long way from math without calculators and dirt roads,
from Harriet to Barrack.

We complain about the lives lost in the war,  and the damage done by 9/11
but can we only imagine the tragedy of World War I or the American Revolution, for that matter.
Reading the paper the morning after the sinking of the Titanic,

History is a beautiful thing,
because we keep going.
We build on what we learn, what we find, and discover.
We create things to make life easier,
We set trends and evolve to fit the environment around us.

The slaves, flappers, hippies, robots.
What is the legacy our generation leaves?
What will like be like when our grandkids meet Sallie Mae?


Back to Forrest =/ 
The man responsible for sparking these random deep thoughts...
Forrest lived through so many things so many decades, so much change.
All those dead presidents,
So many different Jennys...
and he loved her all the same, even though the world around him changed,
Mr. Gump remained the same man on the inside.
Which to me is the most beautiful quality a person can obtain.
Self acceptance.
So much more than confidence.

The power to accept the world around you, and the world inside of your mind.
and being able to allow them to dwell in your life simultaneously.
Self acceptance.

Im convinced I will own a robot before I die.
The world isn't over yet.
We have such a long way to go.
This trip is about to be gnarly as hell...

I wonder how small will ipods will be.

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