Sunday, August 28, 2011

odd future.wolf gang.kill them all.

dont give a fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

Tyler The Creator by 3030fm

I've never been prouder.
I felt like it was me up there...
metaphorically accepting my award for life...
For whatever it is I decide to be really fucking good at.

You may think I'm over exaggerating,
and I be being quite dramatic.
but, ever since I started fucking with OFWGKTA,
I've seen a completely different outlook on life,
Theres something about that music that positively influences every aspect of my life.

I love the way I feel.


Basically to sum up a very long synopsis of the genius of this collective,
They opened my eyes to see what the world was forgetting.
the artistry of music,
the individuality of a people,
the beauty of imperfections,
and the pain of those lonely bastard fuckers...

If you don't know who these folk are.
google is like the Wizard of Oz...
Just follow the yellow brick road Dorothy.

It's kinda sucky how closed-minded niggas are.
cuz whoever says Tyler ain't a rapping ass nigga?!?!
"suck a couple pimple covered dicks..." please

The minute people realize that the dumb irrelevant shit that they are so worried about
should have no place in there hearts.
For only positive things should have the key to that presidential suite.
leave all that bullshit carry on luggage at the do'!
baby mama dramas, and Wayne and Hov beefs.
who the fuck cares.

fyi, If I was a billion dollar rapper,
I would give no fucks about whether @twipster thought I was < her fav rapper.
I'd still be getting pi-zaid and that bitch would have still bought my music.

just sit back and enjoy your life shawty.
you can create your own soundtrack and allll that shit.

Stop analyzing and enjoy.

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