Wednesday, April 13, 2011

let that boy cook!

People cease to amaze me.
crazy folks.

Everybody is always so critical of what they dont know.
and are always so afraid to try new shit.
I love new shit!

Come with me on this one.
Not to be rude or be pretentious or whatever. but
November I was expressing my excitement for Pilot Talk 2
bystanders chastised me, laughed, shooting down
by far one of themost hard working, dopest rappers!

Not because they were stupid for not understanding his awesomeness but!
they were mad because they didn't know about it, and didnt want to be "put on "
shit... put me on!
teach me.

People are so set in their ways,
In music, life, relationships...
make your own rules, fuck

take for intense, butt sex.
now, Ive never had butt sex,
I have no idea what I'm missing.
so, I refuse to go around knocking gay boys,
cus obliviously while the world being stupid laughing at them.
The gay boys are having awesome butt sex somewhere, loving life.

Let that boy cook!

(Swag!) Remember times I was strugglin off my mindset
Remember, the time will fly, like a caterpillar
Graduate, I ain’t even know that I shoulda
Sometimes, and don’t hate when you know I coulda (swag!)
Now I’m ’bout to give back to the people
More than ever, livin like now or never
Seem times, people get distracted by the outside hate
Life turn into appetizers (Eat ‘em!)
And I tell my niggaz, be a man of your word
I be fakin’…bottom, fuck it, sleepin (Swag!)
Watch your sleep ’cause…
them suckas will trick ya, thinkin about niggaz
…(Swag!) Don’t change for nothin’
I go back niggaz still swing J’s and sufferin
I’m movin up in the world, gettin humble as well
Stupid motherfuckers can’t tell, this real B
now, that was a good verse. 
I have no idea why people dont give this man props. 
because hes not rapping about politics?? 
shut the front door! 
most of us dont even watch the news... 
So how dare we call him ignorant, 
This movement he single handedly created. 
with his amazing people skills and fantastic creativity. 
is far from ignorance. 
Lil b the Based god has paved his own way, 
with out a legitamite cosign . 
and is shittin on these half ass rappers 
lame ass, same ass, underground til I die wack ass rappers. 
"such typical rappers " to quote. 
So Fuck you! 
to all you stupid hoes stuck in your ways,.
and try to spend that precious time you waste hating on other people. 
or trying to get 'hip" and do your own thing. 
... open your mind, 
go have butt sex. 

and Wiz Khalifa did not sellout. 
taylor gang or go fuck your mom...
I Love You All 

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