Monday, September 13, 2010

What women want. [part.1]

Ive decided to no longer apologize for my lack of posts...
[one] because nobody probably cares. 
&&[two] because I start to rush and my rushed stuff sucks.

Lately I've been obsessed with women...
Everything woman. 
Vaginas. Emotions. blah blah blah. 
and I'm still so confused. 

-- What is the difference between women and men??  

Why is there a difference. 
If men are from mars... women are from pluto. 
and plutos not even a planet anymore. =/ 
So for the next couple of posts I shall post "all things sexist"

Three weeks ago I joined this "Sister Circle" thing 
and its honestly one of the coolest things I've ever done. 
Lots of women,  a really small room... lots of emotions.
...everytime I try to explain it, the question always comes up 
*dumb boy voice*
"sooo. thats like a man bashing session right?"
no. =/ 

In fact its kinda of the total opposite. 
a little secret.
girls think boys are some kind of higher power. 
... plotting on every vagina.
only "saving" those worthy of the mercy. -_-
Its the truth I say! 

so. this is the problem 
Girls feel like they have to prove something.

more than half of the female population feels like
boys are way cooler than them.... 
skkkkkkkrrrrrrrr   #nobrakes

 "I only have male friends cuz girls are fake. *rolls neck* so I don't have female friends"

All in all. every girl wants to feel cool enough to be somebody's everything. 
so they'll do whatever it takes. 
subliminally. orrrr intentionally. 

Men just dont understand. 
Its not that hard to please a woman. ;)
just treat her like she wants to be treated. a  disney princess. 
fully filled with the poison apples. evil stepsisters. sleeping disorders...and dwarfs 
cuz bitches like drama. 


and midgets. =) 

girls are pretty effing cool. if I weren't one... 
I'd try to be. 

I love you all. 

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  1. iwell addy that was some real ish. and i think i agree with it all.