Thursday, September 2, 2010

All I want is you...

 I know its been a long time....
but sometimes I cant think of anything funny to say on here...
or pick a topic to ignorantly rant about.
and sometimes I just don't feel like making time for this.

but I'm here now.
bored. in my room...
when the rest of the world is either.
partying. studying... or doing the same shit Im doing.

I just thought of something to talk about. =)

...Introducing the "This is what to do when your bored as a...board?
hand blogbook

This is stuff you can do when your bored... on the internet
this is what I do when I'm bored?

the number 1 rule is to remember that
the internet was created by God so we can never be bored.
the internet never ends... like sex does.
so be happy with it. =)

Im just gonna show examples from my favorite websites.  *nod*

 Who ever invented this... gotdamn was he clever. 
If your in class...its perfect.




--Theres really only one game for me.


Social Networking.
--self explanatory. legal crack.

Adrian Shanay Carter


u guys. im bored...
u get it theres tons of shit to do when ur bores.
just go to
or if ya nasty
your life will never be the same.

Hide ya kids. Hide ya Wife.

I love you all .

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