Monday, August 2, 2010


Hola niggas!

If this is the first time visiting...
heyyyy  =)
if you couldnt already tell
Im the best person in the whole world.
and so, its only right for the best person in the world go to the best college in the whole wide effin world man.
(HBCU college that is... *cough*)
North Carolina A&T State University!
Go aggies?

Summers almost over.
less than two weeks to go back to doing what you want...
getting fatter...
skipping class...
etc etc. all the fun responsible stuff =/

and for you new guys.
We're waiting for you. =)
...My intention for this post was more for the freshman.
so0o. if your not a freshman...
uhh watever?

class of 2014.
wat up lil shawties
Im here to help you guys. a lil bit.
cuz I know you guys are stupid excited.
cant sleep, cant eat. all that noob shit.

Im gonna let you in on some of the stuff Google cant.
cuz i know yall been askin jeeves and shit  -_-

Its not much you really need to know.
If you live in Morrow or Copper... or Haley
ha... ur lifes gonna suck a little bit.
but It'll be fine.
I lived in morrow. it was straight. the rooms are real big.... and the roaches are friendly =)
Ive never been in cooper. but I here everythings pretty cozy in there.
...except if your a gay boy =/
they might be mean...
copper troppers exist.  #thatisall

everywhere else is great to live....
unless you roomate sucks.


Do not. I repeat.
Dont be your roomates friend.
it wont work.... theyll get on ur nerves.
&& people have a hard time peeing on their friends bed.
"the man " created roomates  so you wont have crazy sex all the time.
so your room can smell like ass.
all you have to do to be happy.
Is to communicate. COMMUNICATE
dont worry about being nice.
eff that hoe.

Freshman = Everybody wants to have sex with you...
girls that is...
point blank.

If you have a vagina.
your gonna get lots of numbers the first coupla months.
those fun creepy facebook messages dont stop till the end of second semester.
random bbms
Youll meet people.
lots of drunk club people.
youll start falling in love.
and felling all special.
just remember... dont have sex if your gonna catch feelings lil mama.
its not worth it.
Dont luh these hoes.

And if you have a freshman penis,
times will be hard. =/
youll prolly only end up banging the grenades.
the girls who dont get creppy facebook messages. =)
or the dumb girls who fell in love with the upperclassmen.
but if you really wanna party
come fuck with my team.

and the reason why were sorta here anyways...

this is sad how this is last.
but it kinda doesnt matter when your a freshman.
...its your job to party.
but all you have to do.
Is dont skip UNST classes.
you should get an A in those.
theyre dumb easy. and pointless. and thats how you get to meet people.

do your homework before you go to the club.
wake up for your 8 oclocks.
blah blah.

Ill leave you with saying.
be excited about your school man.
A&T is the bees knees.
aggie pride #ftw.
Thats basically all i got.


add me  {Adrian Shanay Carter}

Dont wear flip flops to the club. 
see u in 2 weeks. =) 

I Love You All 

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