Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fist Pump: a response to the money

...inspired by @itsbrtittneybtch.

^^^ It kinda got my Addy senses tingling.

Its been a long time coming.
and we still have quite a journey to travel.
Ive always been sorta naive when it comes to things like that...

(for those who didn't have the decency to read that blog )
*rolls eyes*
she addresses the issue of racism in America.
the oppression of Blacks in America.
the sucky stuff we have to deal with in America.
aka. The Man.

like i was saying tho.
Ive always been really blinded when it comes to racism...
and I feel like alot of people in our area.
aka #DMV
are blinded.

quiet as its kept...
this is not how the world is.
We go to elementary school... 1 lil white girl
middle school might be a few beckys.
high school... maybe 14.
and then some/most of us ship off to an HBCU.

as weird it is to fathom...
We aren't the majority.
at all.
the mexicans got us doubled a bit even i think...

I say all that random.... nobody really cares nigga crap
To just remind you.
that we are not expected to succeed.
they dont really want us to succeed.
at all.

Its up to us to have a drive.
a will power that will make us strive for success.
even when "the man" slaps you with his balls.
his big ole racist white balls.

We have to yell #effthePolice
and keep on learning.
sticking together.
cuz all we have is each other.

I dont mean to get all Black Panther.
...and I cant say that I myself have been a victim of "the mans" balls
per se. but
I hate to see people around me get put down.
or fall victim to the system of  "jail, drugs, and drive by's" set up for our people.
cuz its hard out there in them streets.

I know its hard.
but you just have to rape the man.
until he screams your name.
wax that ass.

power to the people man.

I Love BLACK People

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