Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the Rubiks Cube

There was a time way back 2 years ago.
... when i was obsessed these here things.
I bought like 4.
different colors.
i downloaded cool/ uncool games on my computer.
i even attempted the 3x3x3

I've moved on to way cooler things
blogs are cool?
waayyyyyy more cool points.

Its amazing how niggas grow.
I used to be a baby.
then a toddler.
a regular annoying ass little kid.
then a big kid.
there was that awkward adolescent stage.
the awkward teenage stage.
and here i am now my awkward young adult stage.
and thennn. boring adult stage
and then you diz-ieee etc etc

I just wanna know what kinda boring adult imma be.
When i grow up i wanna be like waka.

he's truly and inspiration.
young! i cant stop playin this shit back.

I was gonna go a whole different direction for this post but shit!
I cant concentrate.
...and btw im sorry its been so long since i posted
i just bullshit my life away
...that shit is time consuming =)

and remember you guys
(what would waka do)

man ill come with real shit tomorrw

I Love You ALL!

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