Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the little indian guy from 40 year old virgin =]

hey you guys.

today was the worst.
i hated college today...
but u kno wat.

im the effing man!

so0 professors are douches.
and cal is for gay fishes.

u guys my birthday's in circa 6 days!
thats right.
this guy right here
is gonna be legal!
no more illegal things.
no more jail bait.
Party Hat Kids Pictures, Images and Photos
no more younging
this here nigga can vote!
get me.

Like. i wish my friends were here!
i miss them all
i wish i would get cards for my birthday!
i wish i can go to the strip club too!
thatd be pretty dope.

u guys.
im excited.
but im kinda mad
i can never right anything of substance on my blog.
just me talking
about random nobody cares about stuff.
but i hope u guys care.

i kno u guys do
i know it!

and that brings me to my last topic.

it sucked.
i was me for halloween
and i got first row seats to see all the whores dres up little whores.
fun fun.

and btw.
homecomings only fun if you get to wear those cool colors.
or if your not a freshman.
...oh and if u have a car.
oh gustav!

i miss my soap operas.

I love you all.

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