Monday, October 26, 2009

the south aint so bad. =]

its A&T's homecoming
we tight.

wayy better than ur lame school

so0o hey!
im here at the close of day one of
....the only homecoming that matters.
im not gonna make you jealous the whole time...
i just have to point out a few great ass shits.
lol .

today was the pep rally yall.
i feel embarrased to admit
but gucci man has my nod of approval.
thats right I EFF WITH the gooch.
and all the other poor rappers that come from the south.
ive been brain washed.

no but in serious issues.
i havent bout not a ticket for homecoming yet.
ill buy it tomorrow.
then ill be a winner.
... then
ill be an aggie !


now that all the good stuff gone.
its night time
and i think in the night.
the thoughts come out at niiiiight.
*taps foot*

but um yea.
so0o i just recently read one of my previous blog post.
about my stance on sex.
oooooh sex!

but yep
my stance on sex and how ridiculous i thought people were for
being stuck on whores and stuff.

i thought id read it a coupla months after i wrote it to see if
what i wrote still applied. def does.
go read this right here!
i like to think its my best blog post ever!
real talk.

i just want to introduce my new users to my old blog
and my cool ass thoughts.
weigh in on it.

i really wann kno how u feel about this stuff.

so0o i can know how to blog next

I love you all
-- Addy

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