Sunday, October 11, 2009

pleased. with progress

hows it going playas and pimps
gangstas and hoes!
i missed you!

so0o0o ive been ridin a roller coaster
these past coupla weeks.
and not the fun kind.
lifes been full of ups and downs
twists and turns...
err. lefts and rights?

all that.
but ill end it all
with this weekend!
maaan this weekend

so0o we got "juiced"
met new friends.
barbies came out.
we traveled to the 90's
oh oh!
and i got my hair did!
clap clap clap.

any who.
shit sucked about two days befor that.
i had a calc and a programming test.
garr .
i passesd them thangs tho.
i hope...

im writing this as i watch young and the restless on arnold.
...arnold btw
*equals* the laptop.

the worlds BEST laptop.

speaking of peculiar names.
gustav is broken u guys.
i think its because he sick of being away from me.
that darn gustav,
what am i gonna do

i come back home thursday/friday!
yay! right?
cuz gustavs dead.
...maybe hell come back alive.
yep yep!
he will
i kno it!

ohh man.
i get to see all my niggas too.
rose and molly
and some other unmentionables.
so0 hey!
hit me up if your gonna be in the dmv this weekend
if i like you that is of course.

speaking of nothing related to this.
i bought my first pair of leggings yes i did.
ive always strayed away from skinnys &&leggings
or anything to showcase these here legs.
cuz there kinda huge.
but i tell u my friend!
leggings ftw!
im gonna look cool with my big ole legs..
big ole legs!
for the mFin WIN!
im so cool.

i just wanna leave with this note.
i dont think id be who i am today with out my friends
..old ones new ones.
they get me.
for some strange reason they get my strange twisted ways.
and they get me.
and shit.
i get u guys.,
idk how cus
most of u are effing insane
but i couldn't ask for better com padres.
i miss you more than gustav,

&&my lady humps.
i see you watt to much smh

&& and my new ones

&& last but damn sure not least. my big ums.
these guys are like my big sisters.
one to handle my britches. the latter to handle my hair. =]
i lied. i dont really like u guys,
i just wanted to end this on a sentimental note.
kick rocks!
sad dog

I love you all.

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