Sunday, October 4, 2009

...hint of lime

hey u guys.
i been gone for a minute now im back
...wit' da jump off.
get suummme.

welp alrighty thennn.
hello friends,
...and foes.

eff you!
but thanks for reading my blog.

welcome back sweet cakes.
i got some applesauce on my spoon i need to lick off.
this weekend was great!
i was two steps away from getting a tattoo on my rear.
but seriously
i KNO it woulda been cool u guys!
i ate the best wings in the world.
and i saw where jCole went to high school and wat not.
Fayet-neam ftW.
HAPPY b-DAy Dreaaa!

too bad we missed the aggie eagle thingy
i heard it was dope...
dont tell me about it.

but on some real ish.
its funny how
the same stuff kindsa sorta happens in life over and over again.
when u were little
u kept gettin in trouble for the same stuff.
u keppT talking in church
or u just HADD to punch little girls in the arm.
or u couldnt help to forget i before e on all ur spelling test.
u kno shit like that.

and then u grow up.
sally just so happens to keep falling in love
with boys who like her better with a blackened eye.
stuff like that.
its like u can help it.
i wish u could.
maybe u can!
i refuse to let my life keep repeating itself.

i wish u guys...
i really wish i could tell u wat i want to!
but i dont want u to judge me
ill just keep it bottled in for a bit
until i get over it.

until the next thing makes me sad.

It sucks how i refuse to write papers on time.
and how it seems like ive been in school froever but havent learned hardly anything.
darn sure not enough to take midterms in a week.
calc ftw!

i hate the caf.
and all things caf like.

i hate having to put on flip flips when i have to go pee
---and shower.

i hate that theres a possibility that a lil bug might join me in my shower

i hate that i cant wait til the last minute to make up my work like High school
i was never a stifler for deadlines.

i hate that everybody in college is so gorgeous all the time.

i hate girls that think boys really like them...

i hate boys that think girls arent hip on game

i hate that i must trip or fall at least twice a day on average.

it disheartens me that my idea of a homecooked meal is papa johns or honey wings

i hate that i just found out i snore ridiculously loud.

i hate it when stuf that used to be tons o fun -- ain't fun no mo'

i hate it when i got to the mall and always buy jeans an t-shirts when i know i never have nasty girl club wear.

i hate whoever invented nasty girl club wear.

i hate that Gustav's not here with me.

I hate Sprint

I hate when i tell people im 17 and they say awww.

i hate not asking my mom for money anymore

I hate the way my dorm room smells.

I hate that i lost my swipe card thingy already.

I hate that i live here.

i hate that i dont get 8 hours of sleep ever anymore.

I hate when i miss the shuttle and have to walk all the way to class.

i hate my major!

i hate when drea and juliet talk about there significant others.

i hate lovey dovey stuff

i hate that i only hate it cuz im not in love-- smh.

I hate that i cant see my best friends everyday

Adrian Shanay

I love you all

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