Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Laffy Taffy Saved My life today

Hello There!
hows it hangin shawtaayyy

first u guys.
i just wanna apologize for my MIA-ness
college aint no joke.

its not as fun as it asher made it sound i swear.
i think it only applies if u go to a white school...
or morehouse =/

well now im gonna update u on my life.
how uneventful it may be.
but =]
i like it.

remeber way back yonder when i said i wanted to be a girl.
some redbone convinced me to tryout for the modeling team.
i feel foolish.
but boy do i feel sexy!

but seriously.

college is quite a bore sometime.
all i do is wake up.
and class.
oh oh
and this week i just started studying.
but ive realized i cant do it without a partner.
study partners FTW!
wooo. accepting applications.

i think i made all the freinds i want.
and i hate most of my professors.
calculus is the devil.
and wings is my cryptonite.
i swear!

so i havent gone more than 3 days without wings man,
i love this!
wings make me feel great.
and even tho i eat wings like
i drink water.
i lost weight,
indeed adrian shanay has lost 4 pounds.
oh yea!

freshman 15...
in reverse!

oh how i hate those tuesday and thursday waking up at
i hate running.
i hate calculus.
i hate mcnair hall.
but boy oh boy!
how i love the shuttle buses!
who walks to class anymore. what if ur 10 minutes late.

so anyways.
this was just a quick update,
if u want ...update me
hows college!
i really do care
i promise!


walking in the dark...
its bad...
but i like to do it
im bad!

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