Friday, September 11, 2009


hello patnas!

omg u guys today was kinda the worst day ever.
and i intended on describing
... in spite
my terrible horrible no good very bad day

just like Alexander.

poor Alexander.
but unlike Alexander.
i have a life!
and unlike Alexander.
i cant stay angry/sad for too long.
*shrugs shoulders*

it is known.
today=thumbs down
alexander=gangsta ass mf'er

oh oh!
and of course
hov= the greatest ever.

after my unsuccessful journey to party in pajamas. pj partys were ftw!
now pj party=epic fail.
btw. dont wear little tiny shorts if ur ass.
...looks like bow! u will get raped.... =/

sorry i digress.
anywho. when i came back to "lovely" Morrow
i decided to catch up on blogs/forums.
as i was surfing the "ENTERnet"
i found this dope ass commercial.
in the midst of wack topics. and barely there blog updates
since i missedd his epic concert (adding to my sucky day)
this just brightned up my alexander day.

whoo lawdd!
i love jay z.
i DO!
i will be copping bp3 tommorow.
at the mall with killa b!

tomorrows gonna be great i hope!
i kno it will!
UNCG. ftw!
i hope i cant count the black people on my fingers.
maybe ill meet my white guy husband!
oh oh!
keeping fingers.
...and legs!

i amuse myself.
anythings better than today.

Papa John's
hot damn.
thats all i can say.

oh oh!
and ps.
is not forgot.
god bless those fallen hero's/herions.
is that right herions?

oh well/.

i love you all.

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