Friday, June 12, 2009

ughh. i just threw up in my life a lil.

wat a week eh.
id say it was...

man we are really gonna miss each other
the class of 2009. that is
i mean we've only been away for about a week.
a week...
not even a whole week. cuz alot of us went to audreanas and aishas party thing
so0o. its only been 6 days.

and already. we have facebook threats late night vigilances...
and a white supremacy shooting at the holocoaust museum.

that got me to thinking.
how none of this will matter.
just think...

ponder with me... spring 05.
middle school promotion.
can u remember...
i damn sure cant... for the most part.
i do remember jordans blue chucks =/
and robert and edwards pen ocd...
but other than that... not so much.
and did it matter when we stepped foot in ohhs in the fall
...not so much

and as we look back at these last quadruple of years.
what would we change.
alot im sure...
because im wiser.
as i have progressed in age.
i have progressed in widom. in knowlegde. in common sense...
but no matter how much we would wanna changed some of the effed up things we did
or the embarrasing stupid things we did.
we most def. cant...
one of u guys own a delorean!
and we can go back in time...
---shout out to DOC----

sigh. too bad.

heres an example.
okay so0 10th grade comes along. i met this guy...
i swore he was the most beautiful thing.
mmhm. and he smelled good all that.
so0o. we did it =/
i had the worst experience of my life
in those 8 minutes.
so0o0 i look on his facebook today...
and this guys a total gump.
and now hes fat...

moral of that story...
dont bang boys just because u like them.
young ones! bang boys if and only if you want to.
not because u feel obligated.
its ur vagin'

i swear 10th grade is when girls get stupid.
thats when boys get into there tiny little brains
and show them their peter. and make them a lil. happy in the panties.
and thats when they fall in love.
and we all kno
love= stupid
espescially for a dumb 10th grade girl
because now i feel stupid.
butt not anymore
because im
eh eh?
now i just do what I want

this felt kinda long-windedim sorry to those who were confused during this
but uh yea

i cant leave u w/o a PSA
that little white box provided by facebook. is not your key to unlock the doors of pettiness.
nor should u want to belittle anybody without first. shutting shit down in person.

GOD gave us facebook to make friends...
not loose them

oh yea and uhh.
be yourself in college.
dont let wat u do in high school follow you into your community bathroom stalls.


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  1. this was beautiful.
    i really think 10th grade is the stupid grade.