Sunday, March 6, 2011

president of the united states.

what to do. 


Malcolm X. 
I never knew what exactly this man did. 
until last night...
thanks BET

I understand. 
blacks. us. we
we were forced here... 
we weren't allowed our own pilgrimage. 
escaping to the promise land. 

we were chained. 
we resented, but obliged. 
so erase millions of years of history. 
millions of years of civilization. 
we were ameba. 

growing from embryos to infants. 
in slavery. 
infantry to erections. 
in segregation. 
guarded by those white sheets. 
fearful of the explosion of our own ejaculation. greatness 
and here were are. 
ignorant to who we are, 
who are we. 

We were made warm in the blistering cold and snow. 
by these men. 
we thank them, love these men. 
white men.
men who where the same men even
to strip us from our coats. and scarves and snow barren Africa.

We strived for their approval in our adolescence.
needing for cohabitation. 
so we took a journey through the forest. 
dogs.  hoses. blue men. rape. fire. 
all residents in this forest.

we traveled thru  
allowed to enter the land of purity and white. 
only once they thought we were mature enough 
to love them without hate .
forgetting the past 400 years. 
only then. 

we are adults now. 
smiling... striving to be like them 
straight hair light eyes white.
still lost.

praises due to the most fly Pra-da

I Love You All 
so love yourselves. 


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