Thursday, March 3, 2011


Every time I'm bored,
I stumble.

and every time I stumble...
I find something fucking awesome,

meet my fucking awesome video of the day.

everything was so perfect.
so beautiful...

If you didnt watch it, your stupid.
and if you didnt fall in love... your crazy.

and there are no stupid or crazy people allowed on my blog...
So get out!
 *points to door*

yes, I admit I have neglected the-curious case for a while.

forgive me?

I'll be back with the flame throw soon enough
*cues yoga flame*
(great ass song btw)

Speaking of Lupe!
anybody download the leak?
pre ordered on itunes?
planning on "purchasing" it...whatever that means???

I copped it.
glazed over the tracks.
...and Im pretty sure its a solid piece of work.
It takes about a year for me to fully commit to an album/ep/mixtape

I'm a slow learner.
*addy shrug*

give it a gander.
let me know how you feel....
even tho I prolly wont give a faack.

odd future is taking over the world.
fuck the illuminati.

I Love You All
--Addy Table

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