Saturday, April 10, 2010

good girls sit indian style....

i hate the way the world works.
...i hate the invisible rules
that everyone seems to need to follow.
why cant the world work like the pool. know.
that obnoxious list of 14 or so rules
--that isn't invisible btw.
and people deliberatly disobey.


everybody runs at the pool.
nobody showers.
everybody pees.
-_- just quite tired of these dumb ass policies.
faux pas and such.
only bad girls do that,
but boys can do what they want.
dumbass rules.

"we dont love them hoes."
"niggas aint shit" *insert neck roll*

black people cant listen to polka...
and i dont wear tight jeans like the white boys

i make me own rules.
for my own pool.
i can choose whether or not i wanna follow them.
or choose to pee in that bitch.
and if i choose to dive in the shallow end...
ill know that i might bust my head open.
but thats just a risk im willing to take.

cuz i do wat i want...

Song of the Day

I love you all

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