Sunday, December 13, 2009

Toys R Us...Big Book of Toys

Yo Santa,

This the shit i want. aka. my dysfunctional cop list!
... so yea.
like i said. this the shit i want.
so. this the shit i wanna get. eff.


1.) Aqua XII 's
this. is wat i really want need!
*shivers* i laugh at u big foot jokers. they dont come in ur size HA!
... now u kno how we feel when new griffeys come out. =P

2.) This here watch.

...this here watch. tells dope time.
&& its looks cool as a mutha-biotch.
my wrist + that watch. = epic.

3.) Dr. Marten Patent Leather 8 boots.

ow ow! sexy thangs right here.
ive been had my eye on these since august...
i just dont wanna pay for them. id feel bad
maybe. it would make me feel better. if u did the dirty work.

4.) Jay-Z tickets.
omg. ok.
hes coming to lame ass greensboro.
so i must be in attendance!

5.) {insert Boyfriend}

alrighty. i kno this isnt really ur area of expertise...
but. tell cupid to hook me up yo.

6.)$125.00 && a dream. smh.
space jams 11z Pictures, Images and Photos

these beautiful creatures. eff them
cuz i prolly wont get them...
but i want them! aloooot!

7.) ShortyPop

this clothing line = the shit.
this shirt is crazy. id feel cool

--Aight santa.
lets get this shit poppin. heeelllll yeaaa.

keep your fingers crossed people. Happy Christmas.

I love you all


  1. omg. did yu copy and paste my christmas list out of head??

  2. you and the word boyfriend do not go together at all... lol

    but you need to move those Space Jams up in the list so we can take the epic hypebeast picture when we get back to school lol