Monday, November 16, 2009

Only cuz hes the man.

hey guys.
today was pretty dope.
the earth was spinning.
and the sky was blue and shit.

my nigga-- J.Cole The Come Up

Songz of the day.
that nigga they call ....
Wale n shit ---90210.mp3
Little Bro. ---Life of the Party rmx.mp3

Eff Yo Couch.

College = High School
one having slightly more purpose than the other.

boys suck.
and all girls do too.
dont let them tell u otherwise.

tweetDeck ftw.

i thought people stopped lying on their loins a coupla years
i thought that shit went out with jersey dresses && Girbauds.
guess not.
poor loins.


so0o heres to the whore.

sounding out.

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